The two BPMN 2.0 proposals are out and already spurred quite some discussion in the BPMN blogging community. One of the changes that seem to remain mysterious about BPMN 2.0 are choreographies. Bruce Silver mentions the “brand new choreography model that nobody understands (or cares about)” in one of his posts. So it’s high time to shed some light on this topic.

First observation: Choreographies are already part of BPMN 1.x.

Really? What is a choreography anyway? I often use the following definition: “a choreography lists all possible interactions between a set of business partners, together with the behavioral constraints between them.” So the focus is on INTERACTIONS. Choreographies are business protocols, interaction contracts between business partners that want to engage in a collaborative business process. Choreographies only prescribe the observable behavior of partners, not their internal behavior.

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