In the context of our research we recently discussed a serious game to communicate BPM knowledge. Now I learned about IBM’s Innov8 project. An adventure in which you have to ‘align your actions with the management strategy’ and ‘streamline your processes’. If anything, they know how to advertise it. I simply love the trailer.

IBM designed the game to complement classroom trainings for students and professionals. We all know that there are more people touched by BPM than usually sit in a classroom for BPM training. I think a game is a great idea and well suited to address those people as well.

The opening scene reminded me a lot of our first chapter in The Process. It’s this book on BPMN we recently published:) Like IBM we want to combine entertainment with knowledge transfer. We use the style of a scientific novel to teach process modeling and show it’s application.

We need more of this. To spread the word it’s not enough to put it down once for everybody. We need to create proper learning material to address all groups. I’m looking forward to try out the new Innov8 soon. You’re welcome to try out an excerpt from our book right now.