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BPM 2.0 – Participatory process modeling with BPMN

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Alex reported on the BPMN-community in the previous post. This platform enables process modeling experts and people interested in BPMN to share their experience across the boundaries of organizations. Modeling experts, often being the only ones in their organization with this expertise, meet like-minded people on this platform.

The fact that there are only few modeling experts in an organization often leads to a problem: Process models are not paid enough attention to, they are not integrated enough into the true process innovation cycle. In contrast to this, process modeling should ideally take place where process innovation happens. Team leaders and employees have good ideas. Customers and suppliers have improvement suggestions for the processes.

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You are a BPMN Modeler? – Here is your Community!

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We teach BPMN face to face. We answer questions by students, domain experts, modeling experts, and IT professionals. BPMN is definitely emerging and so are the questions that arise around it. We’ve done quite some effort to spread the word and gather knowledge. We think it is time to involve everybody in knowledge creation around BPMN.

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