We teach BPMN face to face. We answer questions by students, domain experts, modeling experts, and IT professionals. BPMN is definitely emerging and so are the questions that arise around it. We’ve done quite some effort to spread the word and gather knowledge. We think it is time to involve everybody in knowledge creation around BPMN.

Just like wikipedia outperformed lexicons and changed the way we think about knowledge creation we want to create a community that is driven by the needs and the wisdom of the peers that use it, the process modelers.

Our students at the Business Process Technology Group have build an incredible solution that shows how well wiki-principles can integrate with process modeling. No more pictures but acutal models can be shared, discussed, rated, commented, and compared to find the best solution together.

We welcome everybody to discuss, create, and share their knowledge
at www.bpmn-community.org

Note: the content is mixed language for now (english/german).