While BPMN2.0 will take some time to get finalized, the modeling part of it is already implemented thanks to an initiative spawned by Signavio and the Oryx-Project. That enables you to get your hands on the next version of BPMN. Whenever you create a model in the community, it will be a BPMN2.0 collaboration diagram. That means you can use BPMN2.0 in your discussions, e.g. around best practice modeling.

Naturally, little public knowledge exists about the use of BPMN2.0 elements in diagrams. We’re here to change that! We just extended the tutorials section. Tutorials are designed to get modelers started with BPMN and they now also cover all new elements. Markus Guentert summarized the BPMN2.0 content in a forum post.

Go ahead and enjoy modeling at BPMN-Community.