We haven’t been blogging on this page for a long time now. Don’t worry, BPMN is not dead. Not at all. He have all just been very busy blogging through other channels, e.g. the Effektif blog. BPMN is alive as never before!

Last week, I attended the bpmNEXT conference in California. It was like a think tank for BPM. All important BPM vendors presented their latest technology and products. Of course, Signavio was also present. For all the details of the presentations, Sandy Kemsley’s blog is a great reference.

From a BPMN perspective, it was interesting to see that every single presentation that showed a process diagram, showed that process in BPMN. This is a clear sign, that all the effort we put into this process modeling standard, actually paid off. BPMN is not just a vision or great concept any more. BPMN is the reality in all major BPM products.

Signavio BPMN at bpmNEXT

Personally, I was very happy to contribute our vision on how to lower the barriers to BPMN. I not only showed our QuickModel feature for building a first BPMN diagram through a spreadsheet-oriented interface. But I also showcased our voice-based input mode for BPMN as well as a gesture-based control for the graphical BPMN editor.

At Signavio we are pushing the technical limits to process modeling. We want to make BPMN accessible for everybody. Making it easy and fun to use is key to achieve that.