Gero Decker

Gero Decker

I was born in Braunschweig, Germany in 1982. I studied Software Systems Engineering at the Hasso-Plattner-Institute (HPI) until 2006. As part of that I spent a semester at the Ecole d’Ingénieurs des Technologies de l’Information et du Management (EFREI) in Paris, France and worked on my Master thesis at the SAP Research Centre Brisbane (Australia) in close collaboration with the Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

From 2006 until 2009, I worked as research assistant at HPI. After that, I co-founded Signavio and I still serve it as Co-CEO.


Jakob Freund

Jakob Freund

I was born in Berlin, Germany, in 1979. After serving in the army and travelling in Australia, I studied Business IT at the University of Bamberg and the University for Applied Sciences (FHTW) in Berlin. During my studies, I led my focus on Business Process Management and wrote my diploma thesis in 2005 about how to generate software prototypes out of process models, and my master thesis in 2007 about how to find the best BPM suites for certain purposes.

In 2005 I started as a consultant at Hypoport AG, where I was responsible for EAI/SOA-projects and supported the company in documenting their organizational processes. In 2007 I came to inubit AG, a BPM suite vendor, as a solution architect, and worked in different projects as presales consultant and project lead. In 2008, Bernd Rücker and me founded the camunda services GmbH, which specialises in consulting, training and process hosting.

My interests are BPM for both Business and IT, BPMN, BPM-Software, Business Integration and non-invasive process automation.

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Torben Schreiter

I grew up in Bochum and relocated to Potsdam in order to study at the Hasso Plattner Institute for a degree in Software Engineering. Later on, I spent some time abroad in Finland (University of Jyväskylä) and in Australia (SAP Research CEC Brisbane). My view about BPM has been strongly influenced by my work at the following companies: Software AG, SAP, SAP Research (Project Galaxy) and inubit.

Since 2009 I am Managing Director of Signavio and responsible for collaborative tools in the process modeling space.

Torben’s Homepage, Signavio

Gero Decker

Alexander Großkopf

I was born in Berlin, Germany in 1981. After school and public service I moved to Potsdam in 2002 to study IT Systems Engineering at HPI. After receiving my Bachelor degree in 2006 I joined SAP Research in Brisbane (Australia) for a year. The research focussed on BPMN executability aspects. This also became the topic of my masters thesis. After returning from Brisbane I concluded my master studies at HPI. Since April 2008 I am a research assistent at the chair for Business Process Technology.

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